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lisa-jaffe-meditation-martinis-encinitasAt the end of life they won’t say, " Gee how much money did he make" or notice, "how high the ladder did he climb ". They will say how well did he love and how many lives were touched by this soul’s time on the planet and…was there a good martini in there somewhere!! - Lisa Jaffe

Why You Need Meditation & Martinis

Enhance your Health

1Breathe, Drink and… be Merry!

Recent Harvard Medical School research has found that, when it comes to overall health “the same mind-body practices that elicit the relaxation response have that have been used worldwide for millennia to prevent and treat disease …

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Vitality and Enthusiasm

“The most powerful force on earth is a human soul on fire.”

Vitality is what distinguishes living from non-living. By definition vitality is the capacity to develop physical and mental vigor. Enthusiasm is to be inspired…filled with spirit. The Meditation and Martini™ experience helps you live and breathe deeply …

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Improve Life Balance

Don’t work harder. Work smarter softer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, when you meditate…you clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress. The emotional benefits of the ‘relaxation response’ include: Gaining a new perspective …

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Ignite Creativity

To discover new room in your mind, you must learn to vacate your premises.

The Mediation and Martinis™ process quiets the rational mind so that instinct, intuition can come to the fore.

The dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex is the portion of the brain responsible for …

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Meditation and Martinis’™ unique synthesis of guided imagery, relaxation, breathing and facilitated discussion delivers – to the accidental traveler, the stressed out businessperson, the advanced journeyer or seasoned yogi – an energizing, heart and mind opening inspirational experience!